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35 Days to Free Yourself from Dieting that Sucks and Enjoy the Most Flexible Fasting Lifestyle, Ever.


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The best coach is one who is relatable, helps you define *realistic* steps to reach your goals, and she helps you figure out what's getting in your way so that you can make time for what matters most to you.

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Marisa's Philosophy

Get the free RESET Manual that serves as a backbone to it all. Anyone can safely and successfully practice intermittent fasting, or re-start intermittent fasting, when they follow the phases in this PDF. Enjoy my detailed coaching advice in the emails that follow.

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The Foundation of Wellness

My love for health & wellness all started with podcasts becuase they helped me learn new information I needed to heal my gut and learn about my body.Now you can listen to my own show, called The Foundation of Wellness podcast. It's free, like a radio show, and I'm sure you'll love my refreshing take on diet and lifestyle.

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